New Olympus MFT 1.4 prime lenses?

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Re: New Olympus MFT 1.4 prime lenses?

bofo777 wrote:

jeffharris wrote:

bofo777 wrote:

To bad Olympus can’t make a 75 or 100 1.4 at a reasonable weight then we would be talking..

Or Panasonic.

Voigtländer recently announced a new M mount 75mm f1.5. Close enough to f1.4. 350g, 58mm filters, 63.3mm L x 62.8mm dia., 12 aperture blades. Looks perfect for my needs.

Yes, I t would be nice to see a native 100mm or 105mm lens. Even better if it were a macro lens doing double-duty as a telephoto lens!

Voigtlander makes wonderful lenses since I own one myself but rarely use it because of no AF.

Use it more!

I have a bunch of Voigtländers… native M4/3, M mount and L39. My faves, without a doubt. They're all such a pleasure to use and the image quality is excellent!

As for the "lack" of AF, contemporary manual focus tools… magnified view. and to a lesser extent because of it's lack of accuracy, focus peaking… it's SO much easier, quicker and FAR more accurate than the purely visual tools of the past… It's just much more direct and just plain better! Manual focus is also much more conscious and deliberate than AF. YES, I use both.

Certainly, it's a matter of preference and taste, but for me, the payoff outweighs "convenience".

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