Reasons for wanting higher mega pixel count

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Re: Aesthetic reasons

DejayRezme wrote:

If you think about the bayer filtering basically the color gets interpolated but you still loose some resolution in the color.

So basically you need 40mp sensor to fully resolve on a 4k screen with full color resolution and oversampling (avoiding moire / aliasing or filtering).

That has got to make in impact for certain images? So even if you "just" want the perfect picture on a 4k 8.2MP monitor you need at least 40mp in 3:2. 62mp is the first that allows some zooming and cropping while maintaining the highest quality.

Sony acknowledges this with their "bayer cancelling" multishot mode.

I'm a newbie and I'm not saying it's needed, but to me there seem to be technical reasons for wanting to have that resolution.

Mentioning video resolution was just an analogy. A large jump in resolution, whether in video or in still photography, introduces in my view something else besides just more megapixels.

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