New Olympus MFT 1.4 prime lenses?

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Re: New Olympus MFT 1.4 prime lenses?

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I can only rejoice at this news reporting Olympus patents for f1.4 lenses:

My wish list to make them unique in a crowded MFT lens market:

- much smaller/lighter than f1.2 series

- aperture ring like the Panasonic 15mm/1.7

- Olympus manual focus clutch mechanism and focus scale

Currently, as far as I know, nobody else offers this in MFT yet, and it would make manual operation a full option on MFT (I know there are Voigtländer lenses, but they’re big and heavy...)!

I do not know how Oly could make optically better 1.4 lenses than the mighty Sigma trio of 1.4 lenses for micro 4/3. I am using their 30mm 1.4 and love it, and may get the 16. Check the LensTip tests for the 30mm. Also, they are at a good price, and the construction is solid.

But they don’t need to do that. They can just make micro-four-thirds-sized ones. Sigma is making APSC-sizes lenses and slapping on M43 mount.

And that raises the problem that the focal lengths aren't really right for mFT. Native designed lenses would have some more sensible focal lengths.

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