Sony A7000/A6700 finally coming ? July 17 is the "Sony Big Day for Camera and Lenses"

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Re: Sony A7000/A6700 finally coming ? July 17 is the "Sony Big Day for Camera and Lenses"

SpacemanUA wrote:

Buddhamakessense wrote:

You call Zeiss a poor purchase?

1. You were talking about Sony 50/1.8 OSS, which is not Zeiss, obviously. You messed it up again?

2. Not all Zeiss lenses are equal. There are good and there are bad Zeiss lenses. Just like from any other brand. And I guess I should write "Cosina" instead, because modern Zeiss-badged lenses are made by Cosina, which have rights for Zeiss trademark (as well as Voigtlander). I guess they have rights for "micro-contrast" as well As for Sony Zeiss lenses, they're mostly made in Japan and some in China. Which is pretty far from Germany

I'm not saying Cosina or whatever factory produces Sony Zeiss lenses are making bad products, not at all. But there's no "magic" or "zeissness" or whatever it's called. They're mostly pretty good and hella overpriced lenses, that's it

Messed what up again? The conversation had moved on, but you seem to be having your own one, and insisting I'm having it with you, putting words in my mouth and ascribing notions to me that I've never thought. You make every inference except the ones that count. It's not my fault you're projecting on to me like some obsessive-compulsive, and nor is it my responsibility to educate you.

Do you always use real people as pawns in your schizophrenic chess games with yourself? Someone disagreed with you, and doesn't consider you important enough to write essays at. Get over it.

The last thread I came across you on, you outright asserted something as fact, which turned out to be complete rubbish, and based on assumption. It would appear to be a pattern with you, so you'll excuse me if I don't take you very seriously.

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