Fujifilm XE-3 + XF16-55mm f2.8 front focus issue

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Fujifilm XE-3 + XF16-55mm f2.8 front focus issue

Dear everyone,

I am new to this forum. I have quite some photographic experience/knowledge back in film era (Nikon F2 and Bronica EC) up to digital (Nikon D810 & D850). Due to getting old and …., I just bought a reasonable "compact" system as captioned for travel and street photo. I was impressed how Fuji handle color. The below pic just straight JPG from the camera with a few click in Snapseed.

Window side table and bright sunshine outside

A couple days ago, I try to take some indoor portrait for my wife, I can not get any photo with sharp eye form tens of shots. Then, I try to focus at the ear, the eye get super sharp.

So I did a series of test and found the following pattern:

In less than perfect lighting condition, say around EV5 @ISO100, using single autofocus, it lock photo in split second but the actual focus is in front of the focus point

The right beer can sharper (a few inches in front of focus point)

In perfect lighting condition, say EV7 @ISO100 or above, using single auto focus, it lock focus in split second and take a pretty sharp photo at the focus point.

The can is sharper (Focus point)

One thing interested me. In less than perfect lighting condition, say EV5 @ISO100, using continue autofocus this time, it hunt back and forth once or two then the green box steady, then take photo. The focus point is sharp.

Center can is sharper (Continue autofocus in less than perfect condition)

The set up of the shots

ISO320, f5, shutter speed at 1/180s

Zoom at approx. 50mm, camera /subject distance approx. 5 feet

Use dimmable light to control the brightness for focus.

All photo are took using flash setting.

Anyone here has the same experience?

I bought this package for over a month so return it is not an option. So I want to try to nail the problem before sending it back to the service center. Or, it's normal for Fuji?

Nikon D810
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