G85 lens bundle vs. GX85 bundle

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Re: G85 lens bundle vs. GX85 bundle

Richrf wrote:

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping someone can give me v some quick advice on the Pany kit lenses that are being bundled with the G85 and GX85.

The G85 bundle includes the 12-60 and 45-200 vs the GX85 bundle that includes the 12-32 and 45-150. Are all of these lenses standard kit quality lenses or does one of the bundles include a higher quality lens(s). Thanks for the help!

I haven't used the 12-32 or 45-150.  I have the 12-35/2.8 and the 12-60/3.5-5.6 lenses, though.  I also have the 14-45 which had a great reputation for a kit lens.    IMO the 12-60 kit lens is quite good and I would prefer it over the 12-32 due to its longer focal range and the fact that it has a manual focus ring.  Of course, the downside is that it is larger and heavier.  More importantly, though, is that I think the G85 is a better choice than the GX85 if you don't mind it's larger size.  The G85 has a much better viewfinder, better in body stabilization, better video in 1080p, and more physical controls, plus it is weather proofed.  It also has a longer battery life.

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