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Re: this m17 would work for me...

JimPearce wrote:

Except I want it at my target price of $2000 Canadian. I'm guessing it will be available at close to that price in this calendar year, but I could be wrong.

Yes, $2800 is a lotta dough. A few years ago I bought a similarly spec'd HP Omen 17 for under $1000. Seems like laptop prices have increased way more than the rate of inflation.

Interesting that the RTX 2070 is about the same price retail as the GTX 1070. Passmark 14,180 vs 12,331. Is the RTX equally well supported by your software?

I don't trust SSHD. They combine the worst of both worlds: poor longevity on the Flash front-end that acts as a disk cache, and slow data retrieval speed on the back end HDD. The M17 has no SSD + HDD option, so I'd select dual SSD drive option, raising the price $150 further. That way you get wear leveling on the entire 512GB and better speed on data sets > 8GB.

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