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Do the Canon EF lenses work on Canon mirrorless cameras?

Since Canon have announced that their major development will be on RF lenses the more important question is, do RF lenses work on EF bodies?

Will Canon (or someone else) make an adaptor?

No, probably not, at least not a good one.

It's easy to adapt EF lenses to RF, just add a hollow tube 24mm in length, done. That's what the Canon adapters are, they are even a bit more fancy, one for example with a control ring.

In the reverse case, to maintain focusing, you would have to chop of 24mm from the back of the RF lens....  Since that doesn't work, the only way is to introduce an element with glass, which would probably work like a teleconverter.  Similar to the adaptors that are out there that adapt old FD lenses to EF mount (because FD mount is 2mm shorter than the 44mm EF mount). But these adapters are pretty bad.

Also, the future is RF mount, because it has much higher transmission speeds. In the long run, EF is likely to disappear.

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