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It's kinda like saying the the only viable solution for future access to other data, is to have it printed on paper.

Since digital images are data, there is no reason that digital images cannot follow the same archival methods used for other data, whereas they can be archivally stored for quick recovery on what can be read today and eventually migrated to newer storage technologies, as they become available.

Now that DVD writers and media are getting cheaper, many small users are migrating their images from CDR, with minimum fuss. When something better come to replace DVDs, same thing. Many larger users just keep everthing on hard drives and archive to tape o'dejour. When this media becomes obsolete, they just plug whatever's newer.

Digital image archives have to be managed to be useful in the future for sure, but then so does film media.


daishi wrote:

film is currently the only viable long term storage format for
photographs. Most people seem to be thinking on a short term basis
when thinking about digital archiving. 70 years down the road who
knows if any current media or digital image format will be
readable, but negatives certainly will. Also the level of
technology required to make a print from a negative is relatively
low, an enlarger is a relatively simple device and paper emulsion
can be made by hand if need be using a relatively simple process.
The amount of technology and infrastructure to be able to read a
simple CD is immense. If the world ever reverts to a pre 20th
century technological level photographs stored in negative form
will still be readable

For true archival purposes, film is the only way to go at the
moment. Alternatively platinum or palladium prints can be used,
which should out last even film (I think I've heard 500 years of
life for either format)

There was an article on about a photography who used a
professional kodak DCS camera and he is no longer able to read many
of his images because kodak no longer provides support for the
image format

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