Photographers vs. Audiophiles (Part 2): Audio Woo

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Re: Photographers vs. Audiophiles (Part 2): Audio Woo

u am amused that there is any conflict here, photographers this they are producing stuff and ausiophiles do now this is  untrue.  Wile transitory in nature Music is also a powerful art form,  and aside from a few prophotograogers and disk  jockeys most of our efforts are for an audience of one in this we are alike,

The only measurable difference is price. the cost of two m 10 leicas and a few lenses could get to fifty or sixty grand in a big hurry but fifty grand will still not get you the highest end speakers. Now days a true so called audio phile   spends upwards of two hundred thousand to keep ahead of the jonesed.

Both of these venters  share similiar hype, the gold plated dimond platinmum two grand a foot patch cords  can only be appreciated by those chosen few with golden ears,  but its very very very few that can reliably tell the divverence between five hundre a foot wiere and sixteen gage zip cord.

in photography we get such strange ness as the lieica look something that in a porbablyiliyt does not exist be we can see it for sure.and now days bokha.  I have not found many lenses with truely bad so called bokeh but damned if I am going to say six or seven grand for the latest from Leica just so I can have interchangable bokah lenses.  Audio phils and High end camera buyers feel they need to justify thier expensive taste by citing the improved sharpness very expensive lens which was tested in lab conditions something that once out the door no real camera user will come close to getting that perfect test result, again only a few people I know can look and a print on the wall say elelven by forteen will see any difference the a two hundred dollar lens. That nth degree of improvement is real but comes at a staggering price, in the Audio world its much harder to really know if there has been all that much improvement over the last twenty or thirty years. My admittedly heavy updated sterey seventy and pas 5 played though my pair of elon1s or kef 101s  will sound in a good envirnment better than most any thing in tubs under a coupld two three grand but after a while I just wanna here the music not the system and I wanna make images not let my camera sit on a shelf wrapped in a connen hankie.

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