Good places to buy used gear in New York

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Re: Good places to buy used gear in New York

eddyshoots wrote:

So my beloved D300 has died.

I was asked to shoot professional bull riding and my D300 did not survive. I wish I had a cool story about getting a little too close to the action and an angry bull taking out my camera but alas it's nothing so exciting. Pre-show I had my stuff laid out on a conference table in the arena offices and when I picked my camera bag up it caught the spiral binding of a report setting off a chain reaction culminating in a slow motion fall of the D300 and 70-200 combo. A sadly pedestrian end to a reliable camera.

Next month I am traveling to New York and am considering just replacing or perhaps a small upgrade. I've seen on the Adorama and B&H sites that some decent prices are available for that generation (or slightly newer) camera. Any recommendations on best places to buy used gear? Good selection? Good prices? Off the beaten path but better deals?

I honestly don't suffer much from needing the latest and greatest. With the exception of wanting a little more ISO, the D300 did everything I needed. Maybe a D300s or a D700 to play with full frame a little. These both would work with my current battery grip. The ability to focus older lenses is a must as I have several that I like.

Many thanks in advance,

I just got a used D700 from Roberts Camera's used division, which is at This camera was in what they rated Very Good condition, which is 90-96 percent of new, and it had only 12,000 clicks on it. When it arrived, it looked brand new, and it works perfectly, so I'm very pleased and I'd say their camera evaluation/rating is spot on. They have photos of actual items, and in most cases they indicate how many clicks each camera has. The D700 is great with my manual focus AIS lenses, and it does AF with even my 1988 Nikon 28-85, so it definitely works great with the older lenses, as well as new ones (except the AF-P lenses). I got my D700 for $520, and I saw on this site one D300S in "good" condition with a year warranty included for $299. And they have several D300 under $200. Most of the cameras on this site come with a 6 month warranty, and they have a solid return policy if you don't approve of the camera.

Oh....I just noticed you mentioned NYC....of course what I have above is online.  I think Roberts Camera store is in Indianapolis, not NY.

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