Would I be satisfied with an FZ1000's IQ vs my RX100?

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Re: Would I be satisfied with an FZ1000's IQ vs my RX100?

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I'm seriously thinking about buying an FZ1000 to compliment my RX100i. But I don't want a camera with IQ any worse than my RX100i. I know many of you had/have the FZ1000 and many have upgraded to the RX10IV as well. I think its pretty well established that the RX10IV has better IQ than the FZ1000 (as well as many other improvements), but I've also read many comments that the FZ1000 produces similar IQ in many circumstances, and I don't pixel peep, shoot in low light often or shoot video.

I'm considering the RX10IV also, but the size and cost has relegated that camera to 2nd choice at this point. I'm quite well versed on the advantages of the RX10IV and its capabilities, just really interested in your thoughts on FZ1000 IQ and how it compares to my RX100i, which from all I've read here and elsewhere, is quite similar in decent light to all other RX100 models.

I primarily view my images on my new 27"iMac.

Your input would be greatly appreciated.


The below cite may help in making your decision. I don't know if you have explored it before.


I took my FZ1000 with me when I went to see Van Morrison at Blenheim Palace. I remember thinking, as I walked around the grounds, how much I liked the weight, because it was a bit lighter than the RX10 I had already purchased.

I later loaned the Pany to my son and his family for their trip to Disney World in Florida and they loved it. When they returned I decided to gift it to them.

Here are a few from the concert with the FZ1000 (all Jpegs). I don't think you will be at all unhappy if you decide to buy the Panasonic FZ1000. I don't know if you considered the FZ1000 2.

One of my favorites

And this one to

Last shot of the day before leaving the beautiful palace



Thanks for the great info and the wonderful images. Just wondering, what did you get to replace the FZ1000 you gifted to your son and family, an RX10IV or ? When I got to the Van image, I swear I could hear him blowing on that sax! What a great shot and I'm jealous of you (as is my wife) that we weren't at that concert too!

We have been fortunate to have seen him several times over the years, with 2 concerts being right here in Santa Cruz in very small venues.




Thank you and glad I could be of heIp and very glad you liked the photos. I'm jealous, I haven't seen Van in Santa Cruz because I know it was fantastic.

I already had the RX10 in 2014 and bought the FZ1000 in 2015. I got such a good deal on the Pany from Costco that I bought it, probably with the intention of eventually giving it to the kids.

After giving the Pany to my son and his wife I kept the RX10 until buying the RX10M3 when it came out. When the RX10M4 came out a few years later I bought it and sold the RX10M3 because the 4 had better focus. I'm good now and no more GAS LOL

I must say as much as I enjoy taking photos with the RX10M4, I wish it felt as light in my hands as the FZ1000 felt.

Don't know if you and your wife have seen "Marianne and Leonard, Words of Love".  But I saw it Friday.  It is a very interesting story about Leonard Cohen (Hallelujah) and his relation with Marianne and his life in general.  It is R rated and I can understand why but I still got a lot out of it.


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