Another basic flash question

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Another basic flash question

Practiced some flash shots indoors.

Scene is two people talking to each other on different sides of a couch which is against a wall.

SS 250 f 4.0 ISO 100
Bounced flash at different angles.
ETTL flash
FEC 0 seemed to work for what I wanted.

If I'd put SS to 100 ( or if I'd increased the ISO ), I would have brightened up my intial non flash composition.

But since I'm not trying to capture some background ambient light (the couch is close to the wall) there's not point to that.

The flash would have given the amount of power (less) to given me the same exposure.

So decreasing the SS or increaing the ISO in this scenario would really not matter. Setting SS at 250, if anything, would prevent possible "ghosting" or background blur if there was so fast movement to occur.

So there's not much of a reason in this type of scene to derease my SS below my max shutter sync speed.

Am I thinking correctly?

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