Shutter Speed Keeps changing when with Bracketing

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Re: Shutter Speed Keeps changing when with Bracketing

JP Tudor wrote:

Am on full manual with my d7200 and am using exposure bracketing with Auto ISO.

On some of my shots the shutter speed goes down a lot for some of the shots from what I set it for my 200-500 handheld. So for example, I'll 1/180 , 1/400 and the like 1/750 instead of just 1/750... What setting do I have wrong so that the shutter speed stays constant? Should I be using slower cont. shooting mode???


I don't use that feature very often, but I'm guessing that if you turn off Auto ISO then the shutter speed will remain constant and the aperture will change based on the bracketing settings you established.

For example, let's say you have the camera set to take three pics - the first at the set exposure, followed by one under and then one over @ 1 stop increments. If your camera is set to 1/125 at f8 @200 ISO, the first pic will fire are that setting, the second at 1/60, and the third at 1/250.

Does this make sense?

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