Would I be satisfied with an FZ1000's IQ vs my RX100?

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Re: Get the RX10 IV

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I'm seriously thinking about buying an FZ1000 to compliment my RX100i. But I don't want a camera with IQ any worse than my RX100i. I know many of you had/have the FZ1000 and many have upgraded to the RX10IV as well. I think its pretty well established that the RX10IV has better IQ than the FZ1000 (as well as many other improvements), but I've also read many comments that the FZ1000 produces similar IQ in many circumstances, and I don't pixel peep, shoot in low light often or shoot video.

I'm considering the RX10IV also, but the size and cost has relegated that camera to 2nd choice at this point. I'm quite well versed on the advantages of the RX10IV and its capabilities, just really interested in your thoughts on FZ1000 IQ and how it compares to my RX100i, which from all I've read here and elsewhere, is quite similar in decent light to all other RX100 models.

I primarily view my images on my new 27"iMac.

Your input would be greatly appreciated.


Having both the FZ1000 and RX10 IV, the FZ1000 is a very good camera and a great deal right now.

The RX10 IV is an off-the-chart fantastic camera, but you pay for that.

The FZ1000 minimum focus at 400 mm (FF equivalent) is 39". The RX10 IV minimum focus is 28" at 600 mm (FF equivalent).

A 1" damselfly at 100% viewing will be ~65% larger if taken with the RX10 IV at full zoom compared to the FZ1000 at full zoom.

Today I was taking photos of dragonflies. As I was leaving I saw this robberfly land on some vegetation. I have a custom button for stationary objects. I press the button and took one shot.

Below is the un-cropped version. It has been sharpened and noise reduction.

I am amazed every day I use this camera.

Below is close to a 100% crop.

I took the below dragonfly image today. It has been cropped and slightly rotated. All my in-flight dragonfly shots are taken at 600 mm. The black face is very hard to get totally accurate focus. I may take 100 images of a shot like this but usually only keep a couple. I shoot at 24 fps. The RX10 IV has a buffer of 110 RAW images. The FZ1000 buffer is about 12-15 RAW images.

This is a 100% crop of the above image. This is about as sharp as I can get when shooting head on. I have a couple of images that may be a little more detailed.

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