Photographers vs. Audiophiles

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Audio Woo

I'm a retired scientist. My area of research was dependent on analog and digital electronics and for years it required me to create a variety of analog and digital instruments. I understand amplifiers. I understand A/D and D/A converters and I understand Nyquist and Shannon sampling theory.

I also understand "cable theory," which was fundamental to my area of research. I understand how digital and analog cables work in audio systems and I know reality from magic in their design and construction.

I don't know all the wild claims about various individual components of audio systems because there are too many to keep track of. Quite by accident I recently ran across a good discussion of "audio woo," which the author defines as "various vague and unsupported claims for devices or methods for getting better sound quality from systems that reproduce recorded music."

I commend it as covering the ground pretty thoroughly for those interested in a rational discussion of reality vs magic:

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