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Re: There! On the withers . . .

Bill Borne wrote:

abiquiuense wrote:

. . . you'll find converging lines. Besides helping you compose this wonderful shot, they also tell a story. Jesus rode an animal similar to this one, and from that day forward, you'll find a "cross" on the back of donkeys.

I'm attaching a picture of a horse, in case you see one nearer your home. Glad to see that you crossed the Missisisuuppii in one piece.

Oh no! That's not a horse, and it's wet; euyweiuwy, whajjjj.

Here's a horse.

Later, Bill


Cool, Thanks, David Lat shot looks like maybe has a tumor on his right side?

Thanks, Bill.  I've always wanted to say that.  My nephew (my Babe's nephew) Mike, is a First Grade teacher.  He is about 6'3", probably more, has to bend to walk through my house.  Long story; short.  Things deteriorated with a recalcitrant boy.  The boy hurled a shoe.  Mike took a step, slipped, fell, like a Ponderosa pine tree, that falls without making a sound in the wilderness.  Can you see all those tiny chairs and desks go airborne? What does he say after the story is told and retold?

Well, I never repeat myself.

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