archiving, digital vs. film

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My two wrongs...

A cartridge is 4 mm wide... And it's film. Just coated with a ferromagnetic substance, not a photosensitive one. But still - you are right.

And - the IDE streamers. Checked them out, and I can see you're clearly right.

As for the death or not of the SCSI bus. It's not going to happen anytime soon. True - Microsoft is pulling out support-wise from SCSI, but the majority of computers (including servers, mainframes, and RISC systems) in the world run on UNIX OSes and UNIX spinoffs, which use SCSI much more efficiently than IDE can ever muster.

SCSI's golden days may be over, but I am sure that there is a new version, or just a new bus coming out soon that will be backwards compatible with the SCSI interface. Such high transfer interfaces are the future (if they can make it backwards compatible with IDE, it would be all the cooler).

As for storage of photos - it is a good media type for that. For any large storage, in fact.

And streamers can be found in many other applications. The possibility to make a live backup is very attractive to banks and servers as well, as well as for any institution that is open 24 hours.

And it is convenient. Being magnetically and environmentally shielded, as well as compact, you can store it home. The tapes come in different cases as well, but CDs and DVDs are always plastic. How about losing a CD just because you've broken it in the half?

A HDD is not a choice as well because it might be magnetically shielded. It might even be temperature insensitive to some degree, but it can never be shock insensitive, period. You drop it, it breaks. Usually the trays (discs) break, or are scratched beyond repair, but even if they aren't, when you power on, and the disc starts spinning, the head starts to move, any and all unevenness becomes immediately terminating to the HDD life. There is a possibility to recover data from such a disk, but the luxury (or necessity) cost start from $200 per 100 MB (in heap, so you don't actually know what you're getting, so you have to recover the entire disc).

Other backup possibilities? Perhaps flash memories might one day... Till that day, I don't think so...

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