Is the M50 too small?

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Re: Is the M50 too small?

lily munster wrote:

I've only had the M50 for a few weeks so still getting my feet wet. I am not sure if it's just because I am not used to it, but I find that because the camera body is so tiny, I keep accidentally pushing buttons on the back as I am positioning the camera in the tripod, or reorienting the back screen, whatever etc.

I've had the M-50 not much longer than you.

The funny thing is that I bought the camera because of its small size, but I'm starting to wonder if it's just too small. (And I am not a big person, and I have pretty narrow hands). I realize the dented area alongside the * button is there for a reason and I am trying to keep my thumb there but it's just not happening yet.

I too bought the M-50 because of it's size, weight, and trans-portability . I'm no tiny person by any stretch of imagination. My hand size is between large and XL in a golf glove so no tiny hands here.

I was a little worried initially but using techniques I learned in golf (decades ago) I quickly overcame any concerns I had. Holding the camera to my eye and then moving my thumb or fingers around the camera to perform adjustments or changes to settings (learning where the buttons and etc were). I did this for several days as a repetitive task. Now in an instant I can change settings, enter menus and etc all looking in the EVF.

Aside from that, I am enjoying the M50! Even though it has a rather fragile feeling to it, it's a pretty robust little guy (at least I hope). However, I will not be using any super heavy zoom lenses on it though. I handle it pretty gingerly even when putting the lightweight M lenses on it.

I imagine this awkwardness will go away as I get more used to using the camera... yes? Anyone else finding the small size a bit, well, "odd" ? Especially if, like me, you are coming from a much larger/heavier camera.

The awkwardness only goes away with mastering the camera, keep practicing.

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