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neile2010 wrote:

left eye wrote:

...yep I got the GH5 + PL 12-60mm a while back, a great do-everything package that is now my go-to camera and lens combo.

Curiously the G9 with the PL 12-60 is currently selling for slightly less than the GH5, anyway I'm v.glad with my choice. The output reminds me of 35mm film, yes there's grain visible even at low ISOs, but I quite like that!

Also the 4:3 ratio pairs well with my GFX 50S.


We look forward to seeing some photos with your new camera!

BTW, I now use these on all my cameras, as I don't like neck straps (or slings etc), prefer total freedom to place a camera wherever my hand can get to - even over the edge of buildings and boats etc...

thanks for the link, as it happens, i have been looking for one of this kind .... thanks

...ok, it's the best wrist strap I've come across, the slip-lock action works well, it's soft, subtle, strong, and no sharp parts to scratch your camera. Far better than leather versions (which are harder, often have thinner weaker nylon lug attachments, & often have sharp metal parts etc).

I 100% recommend it, I even have one on my £9000 Fujifilm GFX.

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