thoughts on determining exposure

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thoughts on determining exposure

Its been almost a years since getting my X-T3 and moving away from Nikon. Ended up giving the old kit to my sister, and I've been coaching her through taking the steps to get into manual mode. As such, some of the old muscle memory is coming back and it has caused me to think about how I approach exposure between the two systems.

On the Nikon, I preferred spot measurement and the zone system. For a given shot, I would determine whether shadows or highlights are more important, spot measure to find the the lightest/darkest area I still wanted to capture detail, set it to measure +/- how many stops met the need, focus, recompose and shoot.

With the Fuji, I make most of my considerations off of the histogram - mentally calculate most important aspect of the triangle, adjust remaining two and steer towards not blowing out the highlights (unless the shot calls for it). I also almost never focus and recompose anymore.

Perhaps it Is just a bit of nostalgia, but I do feel somewhat like the difference here is a bit between using a manual and automatic transmission, and it leads to a series of questions.

  1. Is anyone using the zone system (or derivation) for exposure with their Fuji?
  2. If so, what is your approach? Do you use the histogram?
  3. More generally, how do others approach setting exposure?

I find that I can work much faster and I am vastly happier with my Fuji - no designs to jump ship, but it did have me curious as to different ways to think about approaching shooting with the camera.

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