How many people still use the Pentax K10D?

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Re: How many people still use the Pentax K10D?

I still use my K10D when I don't have another camera available (I can borrow kit from where I work). It's the only digital camera I have ever owned, after many years of working on film. I did a load of serious work with it but now I can borrow modern Canon cameras (5DS R) and lenses (various), so I don't use it too much.

I still prefer the ergonomics and general usability of the Pentax, but the high resolution sensor and lenses I have available with the Canon trump these benefits.

Apart from the resolution and lenses, the only real benefit of the Canon for my work is magnified manual focus in live view - the ability to confirm accurate focus before shooting is very helpful.

The standout feature of the Pentax for my work, which I'm not sure that cameras from any other brand have, is the hyper-manual feature - press a button and the shutter speed jumps to 'normal' exposure, from which you can then adjust. So much quicker than scrolling through a bunch of exposure values to get it close. Also the exposure lock in manual mode, which allows you to shift your exposure pair whilst keeping exposure the same. I have no idea why Canon et al haven't stolen this feature.

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