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Re: A little EOS R love...

I really feel even people who consider themselves as well read on camera tech, are actually not in the real world. It is not their fault. I believe they are being mislead by the tools which we use to measure. Back in the day, we only had our eyes and the result, which lead to more nuanced opinions even regarding just what could be seen with the eye... Now we had a spec, and confirmation bias leads us to looks for the improvement that spec has on the image, and we immediately see it. I ask myself however:  are there other legitimate traits that aren't being measured?

1.) Canon "color" science. Maybe this isn't being interpreted correctly. It just so happens that Canon use modest pixel counts. Is it a coincidence they have the best color? We know scientifically for a fact that bigger pixels have better signal to noise ratio. More megapixels= smaller pixels. Maybe it's not "color science" but actually better image fidelity due to increase signal to noise ratio.

2.) 50 1.2L, 85 1.2L II, 135f2, all lenses that score poorly compared to other lenses now days, but yet people; artists still use these lenses even when they aren't poor and are simply not upgrading because of a look they prefer.

Maybe the story doesn't go like this: " oh well i don't care it's worse I just like the look better". Maybe the story instead goes like this: Lenses require more glass and more optical correction to allow a computer to discern more detail with 0's and 1's. Again, maybe we are running the wrong tests, or better yet, simply more/additional scientific tests are needed to measure an image's fidelity.

I'm still the convinced the 1DXII is the best camera in the world for me. Money granted, even if i wanted I could own a Sony system. I really geek hard on this stuff running my own tests ( i don't have a youtube channel or anything).  I see legit improvements in many things not traditionally considered online.

I will not ever be the "wake up sheeple" guy, but I will also always know photography is an art, photography equipment is commercialism,  I seriously would not be surprised that some degree of marketing trickery is being pulled. It would be stupid of the companies like Sony to not target the " camera spec geek" and even go after tricking them into thinking they are getting a better product.

Last but not least, companies are intelligent, marketing is profitable, it makes sense that companies would go after even " camera spec geek" types with their marketing. The camera spec enthusiast thinks they are reading into the specs to reallllly see what camera is best. But actually those spec's were cleverly designed to get you to click and buy a product. a knee jerk reaction just scaled one level above the other marketing. However, this is still marketing.

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