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KE_DP wrote:

TGM1234 wrote:

Once I started a photography business I started to ask myself with every purchase “How will this purchase help make me more money?”

I find that 90%+ of time purchasing a new lens, camera, etc will not let me to answer “yes” to that question. It is quite a powerful filter. Having said that, is it a constant struggle not to lust after new gear even though the answer to the question would be “no”.

Very true!

For an average business most any decent gear can be just fine.

It's our choice to be better than average. Various hardware is just one cog in the gears of an engine for being exceptional IMO. Every little bit contributes to the whole.

A higher quality product can be a result of better gear - indeed potentially lead to more business, maybe better rates - but one has to be able to spilt that hair just right.

Great, agreed - all of those pieces, if just a little bit better, will lead to an even better product is a powerful theoretical argument. This is the logic I follow too, sometimes it can be a slippery slope.

I find that running a business is often the best antidote to theory.

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