Is Sony New Straregy To Be Like Other Competitors And Hold Back Features ? A7RIII Future firmware ?

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Is Sony New Straregy To Be Like Other Competitors And Hold Back Features ? A7RIII Future firmware ?

So the release of the New Sony A7R IV was announced as everyone knows and as a Sony photographer who currently owns a Sony A7RIII and is heavily invested in the eco system, I am to be honest, disappointed in Sony.

Is it because Sony set the bar so high with the release of the Sony A7iii?  Where Sony seemed to pack in every feature they had into a sub $2K camera which by the way is still best in its class hands down even nearly a year later.

So why are they holding back on video features? and for $3500, seems like quite an increase in price from $2998. or $3198 or w/e the A7Riii was when released.

Where is the 4:2:2 10 bit for video? Where is the 4K 60p? Where is The Compress RAW Codec? The File Sizes of Uncompressed are TOO BIG on Sony A7Riii 42MP.. let along another 19MP.. The files sizes uncompressed ARE HUGE!!!

Where is your lossless Codec Sony.  Other Camera Manufacturers have this option...

Where is your lossless codec for Compressed Raw?  I love the sensor, but MP aren't everything !!!

Please Explain Sony:

Which a few yrs old GH5 has 4:2:2 10 bit, along with the new Nikons z6 and Z7 both supporting 10 bit 4:2:2.  yet only offer 8 bit on a $3500 body?

Where is the 4K60p? Again The few year old GH5 offers 4K60p.

Do you think Sony is not able to put those video specific features into this camera from a technical perspective?  Of course they could, but they chose not too.. ( Future release of A7s III possibly the reason ? )

So in other words, they are holding back now... And for $3500, I for one will not be investing in the Sony A7R iv at that price point at this time.

Not when my A7Riii is so close in specs...

And is Sony really going to take care of their customers like Fuji Does with Firmware updates?

This is why some people consider them a electronics giant and not a camera company is my guess.  Does Sony take care of clients with firmware updates? or are they holding back?

As For the Sony A7Riii.  Clearly Sony now can offer realtime tracking with the same processor being in both cameras, a firmware update should allow for real time tracking in the Sony A7Riii.  That tech. is offered in a $800 a6400.  We should demand it from Sony as customers that they take care of their customers with firmware upgrades.

Not everyone is in a position to buy a new Body every 2 years.. If it has even been 2 years. Seems like I just got my A7Riii a few months ago.. I cant beleive its replacement is already here...

Also changing the focus box color from gray to allow red and white colors.

And where is the address to an updated menu system?  Really Sony?

And also a Flip Screen? Come on Sony.  Please now that you are turning into the #1 Camera Mirrorless FF in the World, do NOT turn into taking other cameras manufacturers sales plans of holding features back based on camera models.

Put the latest and greatest TECH in your bodies and let the chips fall where they may.

Also update firmware and carry on new features to older bodies if you have ability to do so.  How do you think FUJI has such a dedicated base.  B/c they listen and provide firmware updates to older cameras.

I am sure this is all wishful thinking but, if enough people demand this from Sony, maybe they will listen..

I learned from what Sony did last time with the Sony A7iii.. They released the A9, the A7r III, and then put all that TECH. into the A7iii at under $2K. I will wait for the a7 iv.

Thats my 2 cents anyways if Sony reps are reading. Please Sony Upgrade Your firmware to offer these new features on the A7Riii. You know you can do it !!

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