Canon lens IS working when adapted to MFT?

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Re: Canon lens IS working when adapted to MFT?

Architeuthis wrote:

I plan to acquire the CANON EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro USM Lens for using with Oly EM1II and EM5II and Metabones Smart adapter.

This lens is available with and without internal Image stabiization. The question is whether the lens' IS will work together with the Oly body (then it is certainly worth the extra price)...

Thanks for Info, Wolfgang

I have the Canon EF 100/2.8L macro it is one of my favourite EF mount lenses and it adapts well to M4/3 - both as glassless and focal reduced.

With EF lenses very few don’t AF with Metabones adaption, many work quite well and a few seem delightful when adapted - I find that the 100/2.8L macro is one of them - add the 40/2.8 pancake and he 50/1.8 STM  - there are others so this little list is not exhaustive.

If I hold the lens to my ear after soft press I can hear the the IS system running. In fact this is was an issue mentioned on the M4/3 forum.  Ie: That it does not stop running.  I became curious and tried a few other combinations including Olympus 12-100/4.0 and Panasonic 35-100/2.8 - both on Panasonic bodies (these are native M4/3 mount connections) - their IS also both simply keep running after soft press.  I presume that this may be in order to stabilise the evf view - but I don’t know.  I waited a while but they did not time out - they might have timed out eventually but in any case my batteries don’t seem to deplete any quicker in an obvious way because of this phenomenon. When I switch off stabilisation on the lens there is no longer the very faint hum of the IS working.

As far as I know there is no handshake between lens IS and IBIS on adapted lenses or between different brand bodies.  Furthermore “I think” that the lens IS takes precedence.  In my own experience the lens IS has worked well and been to my satisfaction.  I think that you might be able to switch off EF lens stabilisation to use camera body IBIS - but I have done no serious testing and have done no more than fiddle about watching the various icons that show on the lcd.  I now forget my conclusions - probably as I have had no real issues with stabilisation.  I do know that when the Olympus 12-100/4.0 is on a Panasonic body it completely takes over the stabilisation function.  Luckily it is also very good as even when switched off on the lens the camera body stabilisation did not seem to be functioning.

This issue may be rectified in later Panasonic bodies as the Fn key on Olympus lenses now works on the G9 camera body.

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