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neile2010 wrote:

I sold my Nikon camera D610 and 24-120 , and have done plenty of research , and for myself the best camera kit and set was Panasonic. I am now the proud owner of G9 Leica 12-60 lens and battery grip. I have taken advantage of a good promotion (UK) by Panasonic, new system costing £1299.oo

I have compared systems and in my view, this camera is one of the most under rated and possibly overlooked cameras on the market, any others taken advantage of this offer...

i am really pleased with it so far.....


I did the same just recently.  I have the G9 paired w/a Oly Pro 12-40 f/2.8.  I came from APS-C (Pentax K3).  I just saw which way the winds were blowing and decided to make the jump now.  That's not to say I think the DSLR market as we know it is dead.  It will soldier on for some time - and for good reason.  But I think a tipping point is inevitable so I'm not gonna fight it.  It's still very early and I'm going to be spending the next few weeks fully familiarizing myself w/the Panasonic's controls and menu system.  But first impressions are very positive.  I had been considering the Oly E-M1II but I am a fan of the top panel LCD on the G9.  Not that I couldn't get a long without one but I am used to having one there with not only the K3 but years ago also w/a Canon 40D.  And the Oly Pro 12-40 is a thing of beauty.  So build quality for both is super solid.  Looking forward to getting out for some weekend shoots.

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