Innorel RT55C Travel Tripod Impressions

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Innorel RT55C Travel Tripod Impressions

I haven't seen any reviews for this model so I figured I'd post my impressions.  Why Innorel?  I purchased this based on the reviews of their bigger tripods.  Innorel is a Chinese company and seem to have a lot of positive reviews on Aliexpress.  I purchased mine through their official store on Amazon.  It was shipped from China and I received it 6 business days later.  That's impressive shipping time.

  • Folded length:  14.5"
  • Weight:  3 lbs
  • Max ball head weight capacity:  12kg/26.5lbs
  • Max height:  63.3" listed, 62.5" measured

I went with this one over several other inexpensive travel tripods because of the price and the max height.  This one has a listed max height of 63.3".  I measured it at 62.5" to the top of the ball head with both sections of the center column extended.  I'm 5'10" and I can comfortably use this tripod with just 1 section of the center column extended which is nice because that's how it folds up.

My intended use is to mount a D7100 + Tokina 11-16mm or Z6 + Z 24-70mm F4 when traveling.  Neither combo is very heavy so I think any travel tripod would've worked.

Other tripods I considered:

  • MeFoto Roadtrip S - I didn't like that the twist locks are metal.  I was worried they could get slippery.  $180.  A little shorter.  Still seems like a solid option, but not many review on this new model.  Can't tell if the included ball head has a bubble level.  I'm assuming it has one under the tripod plate.
  • Three Legged Thing Punks Corey - Seemed expensive for an aluminum tripod, but seems well made.  $200.  A little shorter.  Has bubble levels in good locations.  Seems like a solid option with good reviews, but I decided to save $75 and take a chance on the Innorel for a carbon fiber tripod.
  • Benro Slim - $150.  The shortest one I looked at.  Bubble level gets covered by the tripod plate.

I also looked at LeoFoto and Sirui, but decided I don't want to spend over $200.  There are not enough reviews and/or comparisons available to convince me the extra money is worth it.

Below I've compared the size of this tripod with my much bigger and studier Induro CT-214 with PhotoClam Pro Gold II ballhead.  The included ballhead seems adequate for the job.  Like all other included ball heads with other travel tripods this one does not come with a pop up locking pin.  There are pins on the included tripod plate, but I use my cameras with L brackets so that doesn't help.  The ball head does come with a nice amount of bubble levels and the panning base is nice.

So my initial impression is that the tripod is well made for a travel tripod and comes with the right amount of features.  Time will tell if it's durable.  I'm going on a tripd abroad next month so I'll get to put it to the test.

The Innorel comes with a decent bag.  There's a small zippered pocket on the inside to hold accessories.

The RT55C is much more compact and lighter than my Induro tripod.  The twist locks on the RT55C do the job, but they're not as nice as the ones on the Induro.  It's not as smooth to tighten/untighten.

With 1 center column extended the RT55C is an adequate height.  Close enough.  This is how I'll use it most of the time.  I have a short center column installed on the Induro.  The Induro is the perfect height for me.  I'm 5'10".  The Induro has a wider stance because of the angle of the legs which makes it more stable as well as the size and weight of the legs.

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