Auto ISO with the M5/M50 - how are you coping with the limited adjustability??

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Re: Unpopular Opinion

dave_bass5 wrote:

Richrf wrote:

Canon takes a big risk when it intentionally cripples cameras to create churn.

So the only way the M50 couldn't be classed as crippled is if it had ever feature from every other Canon in it, at the current selling price?

I guess you could say the 5D4 is a crippled 1DxII and that Canon have purposely done this to make money. Crafty buggers aint they lol.

Seriously, what company puts all its features in to their entry level products?

There is a difference between not offering all features and crippling some available features for marketing purposes.

If a feature takes extra work to offer, then of course the company may decide not to offer to keep the price point low.  If a feature is available but the company takes extra effort to cripple it in order to make extra profits from higher-end model, the company is risking losing customer loyalty or worse.

Boeing crippled MCAS sensor warning system in 737 MAX in order to make it a upgrade option.  See what is happening to that decision.

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