Reasons not to post photos or enter contests

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Reasons not to post photos or enter contests

Reasons not to post photos on DPReview's gallery system:

  1. I don't care what other people think of my photos.  They are taken for me and my family and those are the only people's opinions I value.
  2. Most of my photos are of me and my family or of our activities and are therefore not suitable to be placed in public.  Yes, I know, lots of people put the details of their lives on Facebook or Instagram, but I consider doing that just this side of bat-guano insane.  Maybe even the other side.
  3. I have another place I post photos, and have had that place before DPReview even had a gallery system.  I provide links to those photos for those people for whom the photos were taken, such as wedding or event clients.
  4. DPReview's gallery system is cumbersome and painful to use, and is sometimes unreliable.  I've tried it three times and it failed to work properly two of those occasions.

Reasons not to enter contests:

  1. The contest winners are rarely, if ever, images I would have chosen.  Therefore, my taste in images seems to be drastically different from either the average person or from those who vote.  The challenge-of-challenges winners have often been images I would have deleted in-camera.
  2. I don't need validation from other people about my photos.
  3. The voting system doesn't seem to be credible.
  4. What purpose does it serve to enter a contest?  I can't figure out any reason to enter a contest aside from ego stroking or trying to mold your image style to match the desires of others, both of which, it seems to me, are counter productive.
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