Canon M50 vs 80D natural and better green

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Re: Canon M50 vs 80D natural and better green

ravi pratap wrote:

Sir since I have not access to any camera for try before buy I hv to rely on reviews and flick photos and most of the time I get what I like by scanning photos on Flickr etc .It is a matter of personal preference that is why different brands sells with different picture and color styles. We come here for suggestion and guidance from veterans and experience photographer like you. Thank you sir !

OK thanks, now I understand what you were trying to say. I think it's a mistake to compare colour output by photos posted on Flickr as you don't really know for sure how the individuals concerned had their cameras set up or if their images had any processing applied. I tell you this much I've owned many Canon digital cameras dating back to around 2005 and the M50 is my favourite and I find the color out very pleasing . Good luck whatever you decide.

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