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Color balance/tonality on different system cameras

OK - now where to begin, hmnnnnnnn - OK.

1.  As a matter of background info, different brand cameras tend to have slight color tonality differences - with some being much more noticeable, while others are more subtle.

2.  Take for instance the warm colors of Olympus cameras - yet much of that warmth comes from the red channels that are often tuned up a notch.  If you get the exposure right for example, then skin tones can look spot on.  However, if the exposure is not ideal, the red channels can turn skin colors a bit too warm (reddish, if you will).

3.  Fuji, OTOH, also has warm colors, however, their green channels can be predominant at times (don't get me wrong as I absolutely love Fuji gear) - this can show up in scenics where sometimes the greens are overwhelming, with the green showing up in hue tones that would normally not have greenish tint - again, exposure is important.

4.  Samsung cameras are a joy to use, but at times you have to watch the blue channels.

The reason I'm saying all of this is due to the fact that I find the Canon colors to often be spot-on.  Sure, if you're just using one brand camera - let's say in this case Canon only - it would be easy to periodically nit-pick color tonality.  However, it is only when you begin to compare colors from different system cameras, can you see the differences more readily than if shooting with one camera brand alone.  Now do note, my mentioning the several brands above is based on my actively using them - not mere speculation.  And look, I've owned or used extensively well over 170 different digital cameras since 1998 and I've seen the differences involved with all of them.

Now also keep in mind that there are so many factors involved when viewing images on line from different sites.  The variables concerned involve:

1.  Most folks post process their images differently, and if they don't, uploading images straight out of camera, is not always a good thing for a number of reasons.

2.  The differences in PC monitors vary across the spectrum, thus when folks are reviewing and/or post processing images, they will be influenced by what they see on their monitors - and some monitors are color calibrated, while others are not.

3.  Different sites can actually alter the tonality a bit - and I've experienced that first hand over the past 20 years.  It got so bad with some sites that I used to upload images to, that I've severed my ties with them.

So I believe (correct me if I'm wrong here) that you're OP was a bit premature here.  And if you are going to ask a question like this, you should really cite (download or post) samples of what you are talking about.  But remember the 3 variables I just mentioned with regards to some reasons why images may look different.

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