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Re: Best budget 100 400

decaf14 wrote:

You can find the canon 100-400 original lenses for around the price of the sigma 100-400 new. Just a thought. I don't actually know all that much about them but I thought I'd bring up something in your pricepoint.

I just made a thread about adapting the 18-400 or 16-300, and decided against it. I hope with more people talking about buying a $300 adapter so that they can buy a 100-400 that is still half the price of Fuji's with the adapter, Fuji will notice and develop a more affordable telephoto option.

Are you going to use it for birding or sports? If not, consider adapting a manual focus telephoto lens for much cheaper, such as the canon fd 300 f/4. I think I may go that route for the time being.

Good luck on your search.

Couldn't agree more on hoping Fuji notices but I also kind of hope they don't so they don't roll out an update that bricks all the fringer units.

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