Just got a Z7 to complement my D850. Initial expressions:

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Re: Just got a Z7 to complement my D850. Initial expressions:

Lance B wrote:

Tailslol wrote:

I really don't like the EVF so far. Not Nikon's EVF, but EVF in general. When I pan, the lag is noticeable, I know that I'm not looking at what's happening but what has happened already. Also the viewfinder feels smaller than D850. Maybe it's not smaller but since I'm looking at pixels, it feels "less" somehow. So I do prefer OVF over EVF for now.

Interesting. I also have a D850 and a Z7 and was not a fan of EVF's, until I tried the Z7. I find the EVF of the Z7 is much *bigger* than the D850, which feels small in comparison.

Continuous shooting is really laggy, I didn't try shooting fast action yet but when I tried the continuous modes, the lag makes it difficult to track anything. I'll probably get used to it eventually but for now this is a vastly different experience compared to a DSLR.

Again, interesting. Some people must really notice lag, I don't.

AF in low light is definitely slower than D850. I tried focusing to random objects in dim light and Z7 just keeps trying to acquire AF over and over. Maybe the final result is the same as D850, sometimes it does get it sometimes it doesn't, but D850 gets there quicker whether it did acquire it or it didn't. Z7 keeps hunting for longer, for sure.

Again, interesting. I find the low light AF performance at least as good as the D850 if not better.

The ergonomics are fine, I'm still getting used to the locations of the FN buttons to switch between AF modes and the new shooting modes button, which does feel awkward because there's a separate dial for that in D850. But the machine feels very well built and looks terrific as well. Same as D850.

The 24-70 Kit lens is small and light enough. I didn't do any tests on it since we already know that it's a great performing lens. So with that 24-70 I finally have a really small and lightweight package to carry with me at all times. Just need to get some 72-77 adapter to use my 77mm filters on it.

The buffer is very small. Especially with continuous extended, the Z7 slows down immediately. So that's gonna be quite different compared to D850. When I shoot birds with D850 I can track them for several seconds and keep firing. With Z7 I will be more careful as to when to hit the shutter.

The eye AF seems to work in good light, I tried it on my girlfriend and it kept the focus point on her eye but I only tried it with 24-70 f4 so the DOF was big enough. Maybe with a 1.4 lens it'll focus on the lashes like some people posted. I want to take it to landscape shooting as soon as possible, but for now I'll bring my D850 with me in case I need to track any wildlife. I'm sure I can get some decent images from Z7 as well once I master the AF modes, but with D850 it'll be just easier.

I guess it depends on how much you want the Z7 to work for you. If there is any negativite thoughts, then it will probably be a burden to get to get the best from it and thus enjoy it. I have had the Z7 since the first week of October and have basically rarely used my D850 since getting the Z7 as it really has been a revelation in ease of use and being joyful to use. The Z mount lenses are also a revelation. The D850 just feels such a brick now and I actually prefer the EVF, as it is implemented in the Z7, over the OVF of the D850.

Hi Lance,

I’m now in both the Sony A9 and Nikon D850 camps. Of course the A9 has no blackout and very little lag, but I still could not come near you as far as BIF.  In capable hands the Z is a fine camera that can do most things very well.  I do find the A9 as the best so far for tracking fast action compared to the Fuji, Olympus and Nikon mirrorless cameras so far that I have tried.  It behaves pretty much as a DLSR.

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