Where Is the Camera Industry Headed In this Ridiculous Resolution War?

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Re: Where Is the Camera Industry Headed In this Ridiculous Resolution War?

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Those pros who need to be on top of their game and offer more than what most amateurs and other pros are capable of. The A7 IV will soon follow for those who don't need so much resolution.

Any pro who differentiates himself by his gear, is wasting his time.

Right. That is why we do not see sports photogs using the big telephotos. they can shoot with a smartphone and get Federer's expression from afar... Any pro will adopt new technology and gear if it helps him to differentiate from its peers.

your entirely missing the point.... every sports photographer at that level has access to any of the gear. He can’t base his business on buying a bit if kit, as it’s not possible to have a usp from that. It’s about the pictures....

Did I? You implied that pros do not need specialized gear to differentiate his work. I say they do need special gear to do their job, when and if required. I gave a sports photog as an example. I could give others. Of course in the end is about the pics.

The customers don’t care about anything in excess of their needs technically, (most don’t even know what those are btw..) they want good pictures and more importantly, good service.

Maybe your customers do not care. Have you tried submitting your 12 MP or 16 MP images to professional image banks that are requiring increasingly higher res files?

Again, your missing the point, Everyone can submit the appropriate sized images because everyone can access the gear...

You were arguing against the need for high res. right? Now you say that everyone has access to it?

No, I wasn’t.

I was arguing that the customer cares not what mp you have, as long as his needs are met...  and that you can’t differentiate yourself as a photographer based on your gear.

they really don’t give a stuff if you use a 24mp or 60mp camera... just as long as... see above,

Right, if you say so.

they don’t, they care that you provide them with images that meet their needs.

But in order to do so, the photog needs to have access to the gear, right? Some work for agencies and have a gear poll from which to use. Others need to buy the gear to use in their studio, in the field, etc. In the end, the gear needs to exist and to be made.

now you get it.  You need the gear to be part of the club,   But don’t expect that having the gear will make you stand out from the club.

This isn’t an argument about having the right gear, or not, it’s about that gear providing you with a usp which enables your business to outcompete others.

Of course. But again, to enable the business to outcompete, it requires the right gear to start with. If my competitor is using a 50 MP camera and making more business than me due to that, should I not buy a 50 MP camera?

errr... yeah.

You cant build a business on having a particular bit of gear, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need the right gear.

Of course, what am saying all along? The right gear today for many applications is 50 MP+ cameras, like it or not.

name a field in photography that the customer requires 150mb images.

What it means is your business must be based on your art.

I can make wonderful art with my 24 MP camera, but if the customer requires 50 MP files, tough luck.

how is meeting your customers basic needs going to differentiate your offer from others?? In fact,  it’s gonna be exactly the same as your competitors,  unless you have another usp.

but by all means, go out and buy all the gear, then bang up your website with that listed, and see how many customers you get.

If I could make great art with 24 MP cameras, or 16 MP cameras, I will make great art with 50 MP cameras.

no ones stopping you.

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