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Hoskt wrote:

Thanks for all your advice.

I bought 3 LED-panel lights from eBay.

This is possibly going to be an issue depending on what you're trying to accomplish. Lighting most things is all about control and using modifiers to shape. What modifiers can one get for these - and at what cost?

In my small room/studio, the backdrop spans across an entire wall. The only way to create a hair-light is to place a large stand as close as possible to the wall to hold up the hairlight as close to the ceiling as possible. Then position the backdrop (with the hairlight stand between the backdrop and wall).

All you need is a boom. Here is a 7" reflector with grid which comes from in front and angles back behind the subject - rotate and angle the head to point forward to get the aim right to create the right spot/dispersion. In this case it's set to drape over his shoulders and also hit the hair. (Shown using the modeling light)

I note Ed's comment that the fill-light should be closer to the camera, although I notice--from a Google image search for 3-point lighting--that the main and fill light are often 90 degrees from each other. Whereas, Ed, you seem to say the fill should be closer to the camera?

I haven't set up the studio yet, and will experiment according to all your comments.

Please add further if you have further comments if you all have any.

Your 3 panel lights are (more than likely) all broad fill with very little control - unless they also have softboxes, grids, barn doors, reflectors, snoots - not sure what's going on here.

Fill can come from on axis, off to the side or many alternatives. There are no set rules that must be followed.

There's a ton of good info in this thread. It's splitting hairs but I do not think a light that hits someone from behind and off to the side is technically a "hair light" - it's more of a rim light. Just me. YMMV. It's similar in concept so call it what you will.

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