Where Is the Camera Industry Headed In this Ridiculous Resolution War?

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Re: Where Is the Camera Industry Headed In this Ridiculous Resolution War?

Todd Jones wrote:

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Todd Jones wrote:

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Many photographers have clients that require high resolutions. It has been like that for decades, where we had film sizes from 35mm to large format.

For what end result is that mp needed or could they be caught up by by the mp race, please explain or show that need in use? Thanks

I know a couple of professional photogs in Portugal (my country) that need high res for what they do. They typically shoot fashion, corporate, studio, some also landscape. After all, high res today is about the same thing why folks used to shoot MF and LF in the past.

Worldwide, there are many others.

Right, a couple. And worldwide a tiny percentage (that's a guess that I'm pretty comfortable making).

I don't know all of them, of course. These are the guys that frequent the same shops that I do. And that I follow the work they publish. Anyway, your point is what, that specialized cameras sell less than mainstream cameras? During the film days, also a small percentage of photographers used large format cameras, so what is new? It has always been like that. Only a small percentage of photographers require such specs - so according to you companies should not make those cameras?

You don't want to pay for the F1 engine in your daily commuter but you want the technology that is learned from F1 like safety, handling, new materials.

But a 4 or 6 cylinder in my car is perfect but I'd LIKE to have the other new technology that I can actually use with my 4 cylinder car. And I'm going to make another comfortable guess, that most photographers don't need it at all even if they think they do.

Your guess is very easy to be proved wrong. It is very easy to do a search and find the work of photogs that use and require high res cameras.

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