Where Is the Camera Industry Headed In this Ridiculous Resolution War?

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Re: Where Is the Camera Industry Headed In this Ridiculous Resolution War?

Batdude wrote:

michaeladawson wrote:

It's not heading anywhere new.

Oh but it is. From all the new cameras I have used the output is just too darn neat and I cannot make my photos look like what I get out of my XT1 and D4. Whenever I have tried doing what I do the skin on people gets destroyed and it looks really bad.

My first digital camera was 2mp, then 4, then 8, then 16, now 24 - and as far as I’m concerned the IQ has only improved, yes including that last step. I don’t know what it is you think you’re seeing in the old 16mp sensor, if it works for you that’s great, but the idea that there is anything better about the sensor itself vs the 24mp version is just false IMO. You can argue about Fuji’s jpeg engine and the tweaks they made there from one generation to another, but this idea that in raw the colours from the old sensor are better somehow is bonkers.

Yeah I can simply select the lower resolution file size setting in the camera, but still, what's the point?

Well, if it's as simple as you selecting a lower resolution file size then do it. Let others have their high resolution. Isn't that the point?

No. The point is that for one, my pictures will look like everyone else's and I want to be able to keep that look I get out of the 16MP sensors. I want to stay different.

No problem, stick with your 16mp cameras until they break, and then switch to 60mp when everyone else is rocking 240mp or whatever comes next, you’ll still be “different” and get to wax on about your magical old school colour science.

Think of it this way - how could you stay different if everyone else rejected these new sensors and stuck at 16mp? Would you have to go backwards and pick up something older? It’s actually better for you if the rest of us move on to higher resolution gear!

For me, I think of the future. That’s what I’m taking pictures for at the end of the day. Display technologies get better all the time and the way we interact with pictures is going to change too. Once it was all about printing, then we were looking at PC screens, now we load them up on massive 5K TVs and pinch to zoom on iPads, how long before we’re projecting them straight into our brains - the detail in these images matters, increasingly. Those 2mp pictures I used to take looked great on my computer monitor at the time, now they look like garbage on my iPad let alone anything bigger. I don’t think anyone is going to regret having “too much” resolution in the long term.

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