Radical Tubing with the 18.5mm - Big macro!

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Radical Tubing with the 18.5mm - Big macro!

I've tried the tubes on every lens i have, and while the 30-110 with 26mm of extension is my favourite for practical reach with VR, the 18.5 with 16mm is utterly hilarious for the nearly zero focusing distance. You can literally touch your subject and get a shot with that lens combo!

For an extreme example, here is a very small spider (much smaller than normal for Australia, it's a freak!):

Full frame of the 18.5mm with my thumb within 1cm of the web. That spider would happily sit on a nail head.

And here it is with 16mm extension tube attached. I stumped for the fancy Meike set with the metal adapter rings, still very cheap but quite sturdy.

Full frame of 18.5mm + 16mm Extension Tube. Even at a fairly high F-stop i could only keep the eyes in focus, like a gross-out portrait shot.

Even a slight breeze makes keeping the focus a nightmare, i need to find more ground-based bugs to shoot, but it's currently winter here and we're running low on easy to find subjects!

Incidentally, has anyone made a decent flash diffuser to shoot macro on the 1 series? I want to throw more light so i can stop the lenses down further, so i might give the pringle can DIY a go since they reduce the diameter of the can a couple of years back and it'll fit the SB5. Ideally i'd have a long one to go over my 70-300 and a short one for 18.5 work.

Here's some more examples of tiny stuff:

Cat Mint Leaf

Baby Coriander Leaf with a lensing water droplet (and some weird insect eggs ruining the picture)

4cm fishing lure, well worn!

Bougainvillea Flower

Flat view
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