Where Is the Camera Industry Headed In this Ridiculous Resolution War?

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Re: Where Is the Camera Industry Headed In this Ridiculous Resolution War?

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Many photographers have clients that require high resolutions. It has been like that for decades, where we had film sizes from 35mm to large format.

Many enthusiasts have high resolution requirements. That's why I ventured into MF film a long time ago and stayed there. You don't have to be a pro to have that "requirement"...

For what end result is that mp needed or could they be caught up by by the mp race, please explain or show that need in use? Thanks

Why? And, for who's justification? If I want to buy a high megapixel camera to mess around with it, why shouldn't I be able to. Who cares what people buy. Just be glad that it isn't another person lost to the cell phone camera craze! ALL CELL PHONE PHOTOS ARE MUSHY!!

I know a couple of professional photogs in Portugal (my country) that need high res for what they do. They typically shoot fashion, corporate, studio, some also landscape. After all, high res today is about the same thing why folks used to shoot MF and LF in the past.

Worldwide, there are many others.

Any what ever else they want to shoot. This total obsession with people bashing others' use of a high megapixel sensor camera isn't healthy. Enjoy your own gear and be happy when some of the innovative technology migrates to more and more cameras.

Right, a couple. And worldwide a tiny percentage (that's a guess that I'm pretty comfortable making).

Please...this is getting ridiculous. And not one single person has any idea as to how many people in the world that "need" high resolution cameras.

im pretty sure it is a very tiny % and like I said, I’m sure there are specific fields where high res files are required by an employer, assuming that they ALSO know what they are doing or asking for, but yeah the majority of people on our planet do not need high res pictures.

Nice assumption and a tad over-reaching.

i met some gentlemen the other day that hired me to photo shoot an event and he bought a Sony A7RIII recently and when I asked him how he liked it he said “oh God I love it”.

As he should, or not. He can love it or hate it. It's his own camera to bond with. I know that if I purchased a camera, and I have, I would want to bond with it as opposed to being a serial camera returner like some in our world are.

I honestly don’t exactly know what he does with his pictures but I do know he is not a professional photographer and he doesn’t do paid jobs.


He is kind of like a model and what I do know is that whatever pictures he or someone else takes of him all he does is post his photos on Facebook for social media stuff and I know that what all these people do is look at aaaalllll these stuff on their cell phones. That’s the darn truth.

Great for him! Do what ever you want with your free time.

Well that's a shame and he shouldn't be allowed to have an A7Riii. We should really institute a law that requires one to prove need for anything over 12Mp.

I totally agree now that I have written the above. No one single person that isn't a paid professional that has clients that REQUIRE high resolution imagery should be allowed to own a camera with such a high pixel count...for sure.

Also, the OP (Batdude) has a history of with his efforts to question high resolution imagery as he "down-graded" to the X-T1 for its 16mp sensor. Good for him and good for his needs. That's all we should really care about - what we need/want and what we want to do with our art or our work product.

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