Auto ISO with the M5/M50 - how are you coping with the limited adjustability??

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Re: Auto ISO with the M5/M50 - how are you coping with the limited adjustability??

Jens H wrote:

dave_bass5 wrote:

Cant agree that an auto feature, or lack of, is a crippling situation. What on earth did people do before Auto ISO?

Sure, I started with film cameras and had to use external light meters - but would I like return to this? No.
Yes I can use M, but it is not comfortable and all I want is to have a camera that allows me to focus strictly on image composition.
So why should I not wish for a better implementation of auto ISO, Canon knows exactly how to do this - see RP - so why not with M cameras?

If you want more features pay more money. Dont expect to get every feature you want on an entry level camera. Learn to use what you have and dont expect the camera to do it all for you.

You say you started with film camera and yet here we are with you saying how blurry your photos are due to the camera missing features.. The two dont seem to add up. If you have been doing it for so long, and this was without any of the fancy auto features how on earth did you get by?

I agree its a useful feature, but hardly the end of the world at this price point, just take a look at the 100,000's of excellent shots taken with this camera on line to see how capable it is.

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