A translation of Kazuto Yamaki's presentation (7/11/2019) Pt ONE

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A translation of Kazuto Yamaki's presentation (7/11/2019) Pt ONE

I assume much of this has already been reported by the media, so I'm not sure if much of this will be useful to anyone. Nevertheless, I hope some of you find this interesting.  Also, please understand I didn't want to spend too much time on this, so I translated (a quick/ simple translation and much of this may be paraphrased) only what I thought was interesting.  If there is a part that you would like to learn more about, let me know, and I can try and help you when I have the time.

~1:00 KY talks about the first lenses developed for full frame mirrorless cameras.  Starts with the 35mm 1.2 and comments that despite it being a 1.2 lens, it is highly capable.

~2:45 Shows the weather proofing and mentions the water/dust resistant coating.

3:10 KY describes the AF lock button and the aperture declick button.

3:42 He then describes that the lens hood locks into place securely, easily, and smoothly.  The engineers were very particular about just how it felt, etc.

The 35 1.2 DG DN will be on sale in Japan on 7/26 for 190,000 yen.

4:30 The 45mm 2.8 DG DN is shown.  'This is the first contemporary lens for full frame mirrorless cameras. It is an all-metal, high quality lens.  We worked really hard on getting the feeling of the aperture ring, focus ring, and lens hood locking into place just right.  We'd love for you to try it for yourselves.'  He then continues about it being small, but high quality.

8:44 Here, he talked about the bokeh. He mentioned that they worked on making the bokeh pleasing by:

A) The engineers decided to leave/keep some spherical aberration.

B) They also worked to give it a soft and beautiful "small" or "slight" bokeh.

C)The transition from "large" or "big" bokeh to "small" or "slight" bokeh was made to be very smooth.

Note:  I didn't understand wheat he meant by "big" and "small" bokeh.  I honestly don't know much about bokeh, so if you do, I would appreciate it if you would comment on what you think he meant. Thank you.

~10:00 KY compared the sigma 45 to another lens of a similar focal length.  He then commented about the importance of the balance of good bokeh by leaving spherical aberration, and sharpness.  He then said it would be on sale on 7/26 for 75,000 yen.

~11:30He then shows the first Art zoom lens for full frame mirrorless cameras.  As can be seen by the MTF charts, it is a very high quality lens,

13:21 He showed the filter holder with a lock on the back of the lens.

13:32 He then talks about the 'nanoporus coating'  He explains that the many tiny holes (pores) on the top coating layer helps to control the refractive index of the light coming in at steep angles.  This reduces ghosting and flare.  They achieved this after running simulations of ghosting.  This lens will be available in August for 190,000 yen.

15:40 Canon EF-M lenses shown (the same 16mm 1.4, 30mm 1.4, 56mm 1.4 as are available on E mount and M43).  They will be available this Autumn.

17:11 Showed the updated roadmap for L Mount lenses.

18:37 Vintage Look Cinema Lenses:  the trend for many cinematographers has been to find older lenses and use them to create a unique look.  The Classic Art Prime lenses will come as single coated which help create a warm tone or uncoated to increase flare and ghosting.

~2900  The uncoated lenses have more lens reflection and lower light transmission.  All cover large format cinema cameras.  Using our lenses as a set helps reduce the amount of time needed for color grading.  These lenses are cabable of very sharp detail, but with a vintage look.  Aizu 'Makie' lacquer is used for the 'classic' lettering.

I'll go ahead and stop there for tonight.  I am mostly finished with part two which deals with the fp.  I will try and post that when I can.


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