Travel camera feedback (LX7 vs LX100 II vs Fuji X70)

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Re: Travel camera feedback (LX7 vs LX100 II vs Fuji X70)

Since you will be taking a Z6 with you to this trip, my suggestion is to take the LX7 with you, instead of the LX100 (either Mk1 or Mk2). The ability to carry with you the smaller and more pocket friendly LX7 while enjoying the pleasure of the vacation is the primary reason. The LX100 is not really a P&S to drop into your pocket. If photography is the focus of the moment, you would have the Z6 anyway. The LX7 complements the Z6 better.

I have quite a few P&S, including the LX3-LX5-LX7, the LX100, the ZS70, ZS100, Nikon Coolpix A (similar in size to the Fuji X70), Sony HX80. I also have a few different DSLR and MLC's. When I travel for a vacation I tend to find the combination of cameras that are complementary to cover the broad range of purposes. My user cases are for somewhat serious photography (like landscape or landmarks), environmental street photography, low light (evening and inside museums), to casual (when photography is secondary) like a good evening at a restaurant. There is no camera that covers every situation. My standard "set in the bag" is (1) an IQ camera with an all purpose lens such as a Nikon D7500 + 16-80, (2) UWA on a 2nd body (recently that is the Fuji 10-24 on the XT20), (3) an all purpose P&S (used to be the LX7, now the ZS100), plus a fast prime for low light (Fuji 35/1.4 or Nikon 35/1.8 DX) and a telephoto zoom for reach (70-300). I tend to bring along also a mini small flash that can bounce (SB400). I find that the flash and the telephoto were not taken out of the bag too often (the ZS100 telephoto reach is often enough) as I dont like change lenses. I enjoy to just capture the images at the moment.

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