Travel camera feedback (LX7 vs LX100 II vs Fuji X70)

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Re: Travel camera feedback (LX7 vs LX100 II vs Fuji X70)

First, the iPhone is a very capable photography tool. It's also really pocketable and easy to use. Dedicated photo cameras have two advantages over a smartphone: optical zoom and low-light sensibility. Oh, and one more thing: they require to stop and think more about your photo. With the smartphone you just shoot without worrying.

It's up to you to see which one of these features fits your shooting style.

If you need zoom range (generally this is the case of travel photography), a Lumix TZ (ZS) camera would be the best.

If you really need an excellent image quality and don't care about zoom, go with a Lumix LX.

The LX7 has the advantage of being pocketable; and that you already own it. I think the LX100II has only a marginal advantage over it in terms of image quality (slightly higher resolution and better low light sensitivity). On the other hand the LX100II not really pocketable.

I own an LX100II, and IMHO its biggest advantage is that it encourages manual mode shooting (even more than a DSLR) with all the dials at your fingertip. So I'm taking better pictures simply because it forces me to think about the photo while I set up everything. However when you are traveling (especially with a family) spending a lot of time taking photos is not the first thing you want to do.

So to sum up:

  1. enjoy your trip and worry less about photography
  2. use the gear you have, know and enjoy using
  3. if you need more reach, buy a TZ(ZS)100
  4. the LX100II is not really a travel camera and has little advantage over the LX7.
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