A7R4 reviews?

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Re: A7R4 reviews?

joger wrote:

Hank Radt wrote:

joger wrote:

I am happy to wait for real world tests with production models.

( even though I am very keen on seeing results )

Me too, though your link and this one look pretty promising (zoom in to the left eye):


bummer - the right eye is not in focus - what a c..p camera

Irony off

Selfishly, what I'd like to see is some shots with the 100-400, since I don't want to shell out $12k for either of the tele primes and the weight of the 200-600 is just too much for me to want to consider it, so, if I can crop significantly as Northrup's comparison suggests, I'll be one happy (though poorer...) boy.

The 100-400 zoom was never an option for me and I do hope we're going to see a size and weight optimized differential optics 400 .. 500 mm lens sooner or later.

The 200 .. 600 is on order and coming in hopefully before my summer vacation in a few weeks. ( I save the comparable small weight difference by not using a vertical grip )

( extremely promising lens - maybe the best ultra long tele option at this point in time at Sony )

A lot of us are thinking the same way. I do have the 200-600 on order but also already own the 100-400 and 1.4x teleconverter. So do I want 600mm at 24/42 Mpixels (A9/A7RIII) or 600mm at 27 Mpixels (A7RIV cropped). Maybe I want 900mm at 27 Mpixels?

Decisions, Decisions.

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