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Since 2016 Fuji has released the 200f2, 8-16 zoom, the 80 macro and the 16 2.8. The 200 is a stretch at $6,000 and unobtainable by most leaving three lenses. The 8-16 filled a needed gap in a fast wide zoom, the 80 macro followed up the 60 macro which was from 2012. The 16 2.8 was a small and more affordable alternative to the "mighty 16", ok fair enough.

So not a terrible roll out of lenses over the past three years but my largest and most glaring issue with Fuji is the age of some of the lenses that have gone without refresh.

23 1.4 2013

35 1.4 2012

56 1.2 2014

55-200 2013

They were going gang busters in 2013-2016 with new lenses and then seemingly slowed down considerably. I get filling in the roster a little bit but how many short-midrange zooms do we really need?

Counting the new 16-80 coming soon...

Number of zooms that cover 12mm: 2

Number of zooms that cover 16mm: 6

Number of zooms that cover 18mm: 7

Number of zooms that cover 23mm: 8

Number of zooms that cover 35mm: 7

Number of zooms that cover 50mm: 7

Number of zooms that cover 55mm: 7

Number of zooms that cover 100mm: 5

Number of zooms that cover 200mm: 3

Number of zooms that cover 300mm: 1

Number of zooms that cover 500mm: 0

I think with at least seven zooms covering 18-55mm we've got that range covered pretty well by now! I'm heavily favor primes but perhaps if we're going to have another zoom it should fall somewhere in the neighborhood of either 100-300 or 300-600?

My point being with all this that yes, the cameras themselves are great. They need more than one with IBIS or need to update the one with IBIS sooner than 2021. Honestly though my XH1 is still more than enough for photos, but I'd love a little better AF and video specs.

Not having the lastest in AF technology makes the fast primes feel like dinosaurs. Even the linear focus motor lenses breath like crazy for video and anything with a stepping motor is too loud to use it you care to capture audio with your video. But I know most of you don't care about video so I'll leave that be.

It's not like they are miles behind in lens performance, the 16 is serviceable even with a stepping motor and the 90f2 is brilliantly quick. Even the old lenses resolve beautifully but if I can't nail focus because most of the faster aperture lenses have the slowest AF performance it doesn't really matter.

Anyway, I'd just like to see more refreshes and longer zooms or a long prime under the used price of a few year old Civic. That's all.

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