Indoor photography lighting rules... ?

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Indoor photography lighting rules... ?

Everytime I'm shooting indoor and I get confused by light that is coming from doors or windows, I'm thinking that there have to be indoor lighting rule that I don't know.

To be more concrete and for explanation (but this topic is not exactly about this place) I would like to show you one space where I'm shooting the most (below).

Problems it has (I think):

- Place has a lots of windows and doors, but it is still dim.

- Reflector is not enough to complement dark places or shadows.

- Most of time I have to shot hand held.

- (exclude "product place 3") light coming from the closest light source doesn't have nice direction.

- Booth portrait places has dark background, that is not required, but is required too keep shadows for natural look.

I can use two Goodox TT600 speedlights.

I've tried just bounce speedlight from ceiling, but it is causing - more likely - "butterfly lighting" that is causing shadows in direction that is not so "nice".

So... do you have an lighting rules for indoor photography? For what are you looking for in terms of light? How to complement available light by the best way?

Thanks you

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