Where Is the Camera Industry Headed In this Ridiculous Resolution War?

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Re: Where Is the Camera Industry Headed In this Ridiculous Resolution War?

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Batdude wrote:

Where, how and why did this resolution thing start to begin with? I mean, who on earth needs so much resolution??? I am going to guess that only a few photographers need such cameras. I certainly don't. Most of the stuff I do is for people to post it on facebook for them to post and view their photos on a phone. Simple as that. I have shot thousands and thousands of high quality photos with my 16MP cameras and so far nobody has require that I use a high resolution camera. Like I said, I am sure there are other fields where high res images are needed and that's totally cool with me.

I'm not happy regarding where the camera industry is heading why?

1) Having to edit large files for no good reason

2) Too time consuming

3) Will have to upgrade computer system and hardware. I just did that close to two years ago and I'm already starting to feel like the system I got is too slow and I'm only PP 16MP files. Yes for sure I have noticed that storage has gone down in price dramatically but still, what's the point?

Yeah I can simply select the lower resolution file size setting in the camera, but still, what's the point? Personally I don't like the look of images that come out of cameras that have all this cramped up megapixels. Images are starting to look like when I went from Plasma TV to LCD with that nasty ugly unpleasant soap opera look. I mean come on man is that where we are heading? And regarding Fuji IQ, I fell in love with Fuji some years ago when I discovered the S5 Pro by pure accident because someone posted some photos and they did look very different than the Nikon D7000 I was using at that time. But even now I'm not seeing and feeling that same love from the images coming out of the Fuji cameras. I'm just not seeing the same thing anymore guys sorry.

Are sensors with less resolution with bigger pixels really gone forever and are we never again going to get those gorgeous saturated looking pictures? I mean a reasonable amount of resolution is fine with me I have no beef with that but man I think this is getting way our of hand and I find all this ridiculous.

I can see the arguments about filesizes being too big and taking more time/expense to store and process etc... but when you start bemoaning "cramped up megapixels" and mourning the supposedly lost "saturated" images of the past, you've lost me, and I suspect this whole post is just another manifestation of your obsession with older gear and the mythical, magical sensors of yore.

There's nothing unsaturated about the output of the most recent sensors, the increase in megapixels over time is made possible by various improvements in the way these chips are designed and manufactured and does not inherently come at the expense of colour or anything else. The whole smaller pixels = worse IQ rule only works when you're comparing sensor technologies of the same type and generation; it's not the case that this latest Sony is gathering any less light, colour, magic or fairy dust than your precious XT1's sensor, far from it in fact.

Newer sensors may well be delivering more resolution than you need, but this conceit that they're delivering less quality per pixel is false.

So sensor technology has advanced at such a rate that the 12mp A7S II is no longer needed and it can all be done with a 61mp sensor? This is a question not a statement so i will not argue the point.

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