Nikkor 35/1.4G not up to high res sensor demands?

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Re: Nikkor 35/1.4G not up to high res sensor demands?

camerosity wrote:

anotherMike wrote:

[deleted the useless comparison of the Sigma 35 Art to the Nikon 35 1.4G]

Realistically, the Nikon just doesn't resolve that amazingly at higher frequencies - we can see this in the gold standard of optical tests, bench MTF and for some of us, it's quickly apparent in real life tests too. That aspect may mean a lot, or little, to different photographers, even though is has good bokeh. Thus, it's not going to be a universally perfect tool for every photographer. Choices are good, dogmatic opinions that only one lens could be good, really aren't.

Off my usual soapbox...


"Realistically, the Nikon just doesn't resolve that amazingly at higher frequencies"

Can we just move on from finding "the sharpest lens" out there? I do zoom my images up to 100 percent (called "actual pixels" by some) but never beyond that, and I am completely satisfied with the Nikon 35mm f1.4G. Do you MTF test shooting fanboys really zoom in to 200-400 percent to find "sharpness"??

It's like the audiophiles, some who might spend $1800.00 on a pair of interconnects for their equipment, because "the upper mid bass is amazing with these cables".

Geez, I just can't stop throwing up when I hear people like this.

Reminds me of a visit from a leading sound guy, who came visiting some years back, during a short visit back to Sweden.

He's a friend of my son, who also is overseas, and we talked about this and that. In the background, our pretty basic 7.1 system we have was playing a Runrig record, and suddenly he stood up and said up and said 'there is something wrong here'.

He has an uncanny music ear and designs gear for radio stations (got an Oscar some years back for his skills), so he soon found the problem: The transceiver was in night mode since we had used it late a couple of nights before, which cuts off some of the low frequencies.

He returned to his seat, listened and smiled.

Our living room is very oddly designed, not was is a typical, rectangular listening room, but then he said the heartwarming words:

'I very rarely enjoy listening to people's gear, no matter how many thousands of dollar they have invested, but this I could actually listen to all day long!'

I haven't built any of it, just bought, and connected the parts, and, in all, invested around $5,000 over the years. The youngest part, a Danish woofer, is soon 10 years old!

For a gear-headed audiophile, none of it would be of interest, but he liked it a lot.

That's how I like my lenses and cameras; they should be enjoyable to use, and produce results I'll enjoy as well. Don't care what brand they are, nor do I care what size of sensor the cameras use, but I do prefer 1" and bigger ;-)!

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