Nikkor 35/1.4G not up to high res sensor demands?

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Re: Nikkor 35/1.4G not up to high res sensor demands?

anotherMike wrote:

<shrug> I loved my 35/1.4G on the D700. Wasn't quite happy with it, resolution wise when I moved to the D800E, even stopped down to F/9. So I picked up the Sigma 35/1.4 Art and spent a few weeks evaluating it properly - because at that point in time I had a strong bias against third party glass, but spent the time, ran comparison scenario after comparison scenario, studio work, moderate outdoor distance, longer range outdoor distance, different apertures, repeating tests to root out test error, and after it all was said and done, it was evident the Sigma Art was the sharper lens, and after some print testing, I could tell it in print as well. Not that the 35/1.4G was in any way "bad" or "horrible", but it was evident to me the Sigma was better - better edges in the outdoor stuff, better/more realistic rendition of textures in the studio work, and as such, it became my first ever serious third party lens and the Nikon got sold. Subsequent testing with similar seriousness with the Nikon 35/1.8G FX proved it to be a bit better than the 1.4G (resolution wise, certainly not bokeh wise) as well, and currently, the lens I use in its place, the Sigma 40/1.4 Art, is yet another step better than those.

Interesting! I have the 30/1.4 Art (a DX lens) and did own the 35/1.4 Art some time ago (when they were brand new on the market), but never seen any comment about the 40 Art before! Any further comments?!

The issue always is of course, is when "good enough is good enough" and that answer is different for everyone. You might find no reason to go with a better lens, while I certainly did.

I do think if I shot outdoor portraiture or event or things where textural detail rendition was not important yet bokeh rendition was important, then I would have stayed with the 35/1.4G, which has tremendous bokeh/OOF rendering. Tool for task and all that.


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